Advancing Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Research Towards Precision Medicine

Malaysian Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Scientific Meeting (MTERMS) is a biennial event organized by TESMA. The first was held in year 2004. The aim of the conference is to is to be a platform for all local researchers, industrial players and government agencies to work together and chart the way forward for regenerative medicine research & therapy in Malaysia.



Poster should be prepare in Landscape (1280 width x 720 height in pixels) with a size not more than 2MB in both JPEG and PDF format, and upload them by 25 March 2022. This would also mean that you have granted us the permission to publish your poster for our audience. Only the selected poster presenters will be notified to present virtually during the MTERM Scientific Meeting 2022. The results of the selection will be announced in the email.



After receiving emails from the secretariat you are required to follow the instruction given. You shall also prepare your PowerPoint for a 10-min presentation and upload them by 25 March 2022. All oral presenters are only given 10 min to present, and 5 min with our panel judges for a question-and-answer session. We will communicate with you again in regard to your presentation time slot in the next email. 


The abstract must be written in British English language and an informative synopsis/summary of the research work.

  • Font type: Arial
  • Size of the font
    • Title: 14.0 point
    • Authors list: 12.0 point
    • Affiliations: 10.5 point
    • Corresponding author’s email: 10.5 point
    • The main text of abstract: 12.0 point
    • Keywords: 12.0 point

Single-line spacing and aligned left except for the body of the abstract, which is justified alignment. Margins for left, right, top and bottom should be 2.54 cm (1 inch).

All abstracts should follow the structured format; with the subheadings of Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Bold the subheadings.

The word count should not exceed 300 words.

The full term for which an abbreviation or acronym stands should precede its first use unless it is a standard use or unit of measurement.

Do not include references in the abstract.

Provide a maximum of 5 keywords that will assist in the cross-indexing of the article.

Kindly refer to the sample of abstract (Appendix I)


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